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Tools You Can Use

  • Excel TimeCard Calculator
  • Download this FREE Excel spreadsheet and save it to your computer as a free tool! This calculator is designed for you or your clients to use for the purpose of calculating weekly, bi-weekly and semi-monthly work time based on daily start and stop times, breaks, and lunches. Employ this free TimeCard Calculator, compliments of UBCC!
  • UBCC Enhancements and Innovation
    For over 30 years Universal Business Computing Company’s (UBCC) multi-user, multi-tasking real-time software has helped payroll and Write Up professionals manage their business with maximum productivity. We are committed to innovation and invest our resources into enhancements competitors have never - and will never - keep pace with. UBCC software enables our clients to grow and remain incredibly profitable due to powerful functions like running a 30-Second Payroll!
  • Tech Tips
    Technology services, maintenance and procedures, and technology tools can have a tremendous impact on your accounting practice! Learn about the TECHNOLOGY SERVICES, MAINTENANCE AND PROCEDURES, AND TECHNOLOGY TOOLS detailed in this Tech Tips handout - many are free, or very reasonably priced, well worth the effort of looking into!