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Write-up Software Solution


UBCC Real-Time Accounting Software
Because time is money.

Universal Business Computing Company (UBCC) provides you with Payroll software and Accounting solutions to help you save both time and money. Our fully-integrated, real-time modules let you customize a multi-user, task-oriented accounting system that keeps your financial management data as current as the last transaction and as accessible as the stroke of a key.

UBCC Accounting Packages

UBCC designs our software around three key points...Productivity, Flexibility and Portability which combine to create Profitability. UBCC Write Up software is the most convenient client write up software solution, available for businesses, CPAs and accounting software firms. Write-up software is the most user-friendly among all accounting and productivity products.


Flexibility that's ahead of its time ensures your system will never be behind the times


With UBCC flexibility is designed in, and is taken to unprecedented levels.

UBCC’s open system standards allow easy import and/or export of data, in user definable order.

You can change the data structure to conform to current reality...renumber GL Accounts, Employees, Vendors, Customers, etc. with all of the underlying data changing instantly as well. This allows for easy adaptation when circumstances change, such as launching a new product line, starting a new location, etc..

Reports are easy to create, use and customize.

Productivity Beyond Compare

UBCC's Productivity is legendary. UBCC's Client Write-up System combines a unique blend of advanced software features. It is a combination of General Ledger and After the Fact Journal, Checks & Payroll Accounting and Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable and Payroll system. We have bookkeepers who have processed over 100 monthly Write-Up Clients per month in less than a 40 hour work week. UBCC can fully process a 20 person payroll in less than 60 seconds. UBCC can import over 1000 payroll time entries and have them ready to print checks in less than 5 minutes.

Portability to over 600 Different Platforms

Move to or from any 32 or 64 Bit Windows®, Linux, Unix or even IBM Z90® series Mainframe.

Programs, Data Files, Full printer Control, Operator Profiles and even Keystrokes transfer "as is". There is no conversion just a new runtime. This allows you to be instantly productive in your new environment.

Portability is the most important long term criterion for selecting software.


Multi-User - Multiple Operators in the same data file at the same time.

Real Time - The information that was just entered a nanosecond ago is instantly available everywhere within the application without the need for any updates or batch processes.


Whether you want last week's sales, today's inventory or five-year comparative, UBCC delivers the up-to-the-second information you need to run your business day-to-day or to forecast your future direction.

Unlike the repetitive posting requirements of less powerful systems, all data is on line in real-time -- literally a keystroke or two away.


Payroll and Accounting Software Designed for Your Success™