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Accounts Payable


The user friendly, Universal Business Computing Company's professional writeup software, and accounting software solutions help you save both time and money. Our comprehensive accounting package is ideal for big as well as small businesses. Our client server system makes accounting quick and simple.

Allows For Standardization and Customization.

  • Multi-Year for 1099's
  • Electronic 1099 filing
  • You Can be in January and Directly Print Last Year’s 1099's and current year checks
  • Unlimited History
  • Plain Toner Laser MICR Check Generation
  • Supports Multiple Bank Accounts
  • ACH Payments supported
  • Recurring Entries
  • Ability to easily select invoices to pay by vendor
  • Cash Requirements Report
  • Aged Payables at a Past Date Report
  • General Ledger Distribution Report
  • Ability to put individual Invoices or Vendors on Hold
  • Automatic pay date assignment
  • Automatic Discount Tracking
  • Fully Integrated with Bank Reconciliation & General Ledger
  • Cash or Accrual Basis Posting to General Ledger
  • Letter Writer Interface
  • Many more


Overall Standards


  • Real-Time
  • Multi-User
  • Multi-Company
  • Operator Profile -- Choose Menu Style, Implied Decimal, Etc.
  • Queuing and batch queuing
  • Spooled print job manager
  • Full laser printer support for ALL applications including 3 hole offset, full duplex, tray selection, portrait or landscape, auto bold, compressed print, and more....
  • Full security system with automatic time log
  • Easy modem access for you and/ or your clients
  • Fast and sharable report generators for all applications