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Accounts Receivable



Allows for Standardization and Customization

  • Balance Forward or Open Item
  • Repetitive Billing
  • Forever History
  • Laser Generated Plain Toner MICR Bank Drafts or ACH Payments
  • Sales Analysis
  • Track by Sales Representative, Product Line, Department
  • eStatements™ (Automatic Emailing of Statements)
  • Alternate Key File Structure for File Maintenance & Printing
  • Practice Management Reports
  • Letter Writer Interface
  • Finance Charge Generator
  • Customer Ledger Detail
  • Many more


Overall Standards


  • Real-Time
  • Multi-User
  • Multi-Company
  • Operator Profile -- Choose Menu Style, Implied Decimal, Etc.
  • Queuing and batch queuing
  • Spooled print job manager
  • Full laser printer support for ALL applications including 3 hole offset, full duplex, tray selection, portrait or landscape, auto bold, compressed print, and more....
  • Full security system with automatic time log
  • Easy modem access for you and/ or your clients
  • Fast and sharable report generators for all applications