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Excellent Accounting System Support


UBCC Offers an Unmatched Level of Customer Support for all our Client Accounting Software

For nearly three decades, UBCC has provided personalized service to privately-owned businesses and built a reputation for delivering high quality financial accounting systems and services. UBCC's software packages are designed with keeping in mind the clients profitability.

A depth of practical experience within the field of client accounting amongst our employees -- not only in computer science, but in general accounting, finance and operations management -- enhances our ability to understand each of our customers' business and computing needs. We have been in the business of developing financial accounting systems since the industry began, giving us a complete perspective on where the industry has been and where it is going now. We pride ourselves on understanding our clients desires and adapting our client accounting software to meet their ever changing needs.

Prompt, ongoing support begins with installation, initial set-up and training, and continues with product support services, customization, accounting system consulting and software modification services, as needed. We know what our client accounting software is capable of, and we want you to know too. Working with our support professionals means getting the most out your new UBCC financial accounting system and allows you to take advantage of the best customer support in client accounting software on the market. Client Server Technology is essential for the processing of accounting. Client Server Technology does some of the required processing along with the client, thus there are two processors dealing with a part of that accounting application.

We take pride in providing you with personal attention and support -- 24 hours a day, 7 days a week -- from our team of technical services specialists who know your financial accounting system personally and understand your objectives. Rest assured, you won't have to educate a new technician from scratch every time you call for client accounting application software support. When you install UBCC Payroll and Accounting software, you begin a strong relationship with UBCC of mutual understanding and cooperation. We want to know when you need our help so that we guide you through the tough areas and make you as comfortable with using our software as we are. A UBCC financial accounting system is about making your life easier and more productive; let us help you make that vision a reality.

Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for you to enjoy the benefits of a UBCC Real-Time Accounting System by providing the highest level of service possible.

Please contact our support technicians by calling 1-800-762-8222. There is always someone standing by to provide you assistance for your UBCC Payroll and Accounting system.