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"In 1989, we bought a Comprehensive Accounting practice as a way to grow our firm. Today, we have seven employees and provide income tax, Write Up, payroll, and auditing services. Our client base is diverse, ranging from small mom-and-pop type businesses to multi-state organizations with 300 employees.

When we expanded our accounting practice, we needed software that 1) made conversion easy for our newly acquired business clientele, 2) ensured scalability to serve a vastly diverse client base, and 3) interfaced with our income tax software. UBCC met - and continues to meet - all of these needs, and we have been very satisfied with their technology.

We have been courted by other software providers over the years, but for good reason, we are not going to change. UBCC software has served us well, and our team understands the logic of UBCC software. The logic of UBCC is transferrable to all UBCC modules - once you understand the logic of one module, other modules can be easily mastered by applying the same logic."

Jaye Quimby, CPA
Lombardozzi, Moses, Quimby & Co., P.C
Rockford, IL


"Doing business with Ken Garen has been an excellent experience. He does what he says he will do. His company has met and exceeded our expectations as a payroll service bureau. Doing business with UBCC is an excellent idea!

UBCC is very well organized in many productivity aspects including file storage, tax payment tracking, and batch queues which translate into great productivity benefits for my business. As a solo practitioner, you would be well-advised to demo their software, it is the most productive, powerful and flexible software I have ever used.

UBCC's level of support, updates, and forethought in software design has enabled me to say YES to every request I've ever received from a client. I have never known software like UBCC's, one that can do a direct deposit to 9 different bank accounts for 1 employee."

David Sterrett

Payroll Professionals, LLC

Greenfield, IN



"UBCC has always been on the cutting-edge of technology. I believe UBCC software development is user-driven, rather than company driven. UBCC is unique because they listen to users and really consider implementing our requests. There are several enhancement ideas I have given to UBCC that they have actually implemented - their response to any request has always been positive and welcoming. UBCC has given me all the technology I need to be competitive."

Chuck Barreto
Accurate Payroll Solutions, Inc.
Tampa, FL





"Our clients are loyal for several reasons. I am very mindful of serving our clients with an elevated level of service they cannot get from the larger payroll companies and because we are able to produce and deliver the customized reports they need. Customization is one of the biggest strengths of UBCC’s technology, it has been easy to deliver even the most unique reports one might imagine - due to the flexibility built into UBCC’s technology."

John Moore, Founder and Owner

Accent Payroll

Shawnee, Kansas





"We have been using UBCC software since 1986, and the program has always stayed one step ahead of the technical curve. It has countless integration capabilities and a marvelous payroll system, which is constantly updated to include tax changes in all 50 states. UBCC gives us all of the tools we need to do our job with confidence."

Clyde Trevathan, President
C.W. Trevathan CPA, APAC
Luling, LA




"I believe the big value that we get from using UBCC is the efficiency we are able to accomplish and that allows us to be competitive in the marketplace in getting clients the way we can price them because we know we can get the job done efficiently and quickly. I think that’s the biggest advantage of UBCC is that flexibility and that efficiency that it really allows us to use within our office. My staff loves using UBCC

One client in particular that I am thinking about is an electrical contractor that we do, it is a very large one, with revenues around twenty million dollars. During the course of a year they will have 75 to 100 jobs and we individually track each job, so each job has a different cost center and a different job sheet. UBCC allows us to do that to present to the client so they can see exactly what each job is doing to help them manage their business and bid jobs more efficiently

UBCC software is the 'Cadillac™' of accounting programs. The application is strong across the board for integrated modules, and each module works seamlessly with the other. UBCC helps our firm increase efficiency, and improves client service in terms of setting realistic expectations and projecting profitability. I would definitely recommend UBCC software to any firm looking for one, comprehensive 'go-to' program that can meet all critical accounting needs."

Brian Flynn, CPA, President
Flynn Accounting Resources, Inc
Colorado Springs, CO




"UBCC Reports are amazing. If you were to compare the reports generated with QuickBooks verses the reports one can generate within UBCC, a QuickBooks report is 100 times thicker in pages and filled with garbage that is difficult and time-consuming to decipher. Having to rely on a QuickBooks report would be a huge waste of time. In UBCC, within seconds I can run a report that has only the information needed for a client.

With UBCC, we can satisfy clients most unique report requests. If we have unique client report request, we know that UBCC can produce it or they will work to make that report possible. For example, one client requested a depreciation report exported to Excel. I called Ken (President and Co-Founder, UBCC) and he was responsive by proficiently adding this export to Excel functionality to the UBCC software that allowed our firm to satisfy that one unique client request. That level of responsiveness from UBCC to satisfy one client’s unique request is a great example of how responsive and flexible they (UBCC) are."

Mike Slaton
Slaton Financial Services



"Our basic advantage is the business and tax planning that we offer to small or medium-sized businesses to keep them out of trouble. I can’t tell you how many clients we bring on board that don’t do it right. They have ADP do it and its in payroll form and they come in at the end of the term and get their tax work done there is just so much stuff that is wrong with their payroll that it makes it hard to do a tax return.

We have been using UBCC software since the mid 1980’s. With their software, we have a financial software product that will allow us to do the payroll, bookkeeping, and feed to our tax return software and let us do analysis work that is the essential piece."

Steve Henry, Owner
Henry Waters & Associates
Boulder, Colorado



"We recently invested a considerable amount of money in another popular payroll program, however, we are now back to using UBCC software for all of our payroll needs. It is user-friendly, processes our payrolls quickly and increases productivity. UBCC also allows us to issue paychecks on a daily basis to our employees. If you are looking for a complete payroll processing solution, then UBCC is the only choice for your company."

Cheryl Andrews, Director of Payroll
United Service Companies
Chicago, IL



"We’ve been partners with UBCC for 26 years. In those 26 years I’ve found UBCC to be a company that clients enjoy working with and get a lot of value out of their services. As their partner I have found them to be a phenomenal partner. There aren’t many companies that can look the camera in the eye like I am right now and say “we’ve been partners for 26 years and I am proud of my relationship with UBCC and it’s been one of the fundamentals that has helped me grow my business that we started 14 years ago into a 40 million dollar company today. If anyone is thinking about an opportunity to partner with UBCC I’d highly recommend they do it."


Mike Ryan
Print Management Partners



"Power Brands is a management company we have franchises in twelve different airports around the country. We have anything from a Freschens Yogurt to an Arby’s, Villa Pizza, all fast food restaurants. We report monthly on our sales to the airports.

We use UBCC for all of our financial needs. UBCC is very user-friendly, I would recommend it. We use all of the modules from Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Payroll, and we will be using Depreciation very soon. I am looking forward to using the performance graphs that I just added and am very excited about UBCC."

Mia Oliver, Controller
Power Brands



"UBCC is very fundamental to us. It’s easy to work with. The UBCC reports we run are fantastic and are easy for the client to understand.

With payroll services, the fact that payroll can happen so quickly is great. When you get a payroll client, they are supposed to report to you Monday and the payroll is to be run on Friday. By Thursday afternoon at 5 o’clock when you would be pulling your hair out waiting on them for their report, payroll can still easily get done - little do they know and thanks to UBCC - in seconds

UBCC treats us like family too. We feel really comfortable talking to anybody at UBCC."

Linda Dillon and Lisa Christensen, Owners.
Dillon Tax and Payroll Service



"The payroll application is awesome! Its flexibility in terms of customizing client reports is a major benefit. Customer support is also excellent - the sales and support teams always make us feel like we are part of the UBCC family. I highly recommend UBCC software to anyone looking for a well-established, user-friendly payroll and accounting program."

Linda Dillon, President
Dillon's Tax & Payroll Service, Inc.
Humble, Texas



"UBCC’s back up feature provides us with great peace of mind in knowing if we choose to make a major change for a client, there is no risk of losing the data. Their back up feature is a tremendous benefit.

Customization is one of the biggest strengths of their (UBCC) technology. There is nothing a client can request that cannot be designed, giving us the ability to always meet the needs and requests of our clients.

The simplification of UBCC report forms make it easy for a client to understand. With ADP, you cannot tell what the report data is, where the item has been posted, making the input or transfer of data nearly impossible. With UBCC, we can easily customize and remove the unnecessary data that the client does not need. This saves time, and produces reports that are self-explanatory.

With UBCC, we have the flexibility to generate one-time unique reports, those that we will never need again, and export them into Excel. Rather than investing time into designing a new report that will never be used again, through the export to Excel process, we can efficiently deliver unique reports that can be quickly enhanced or made pretty for the client.

Vivat Lin, CPA, President
Lin Company, PS



"UBCC support staff is known, we have been working with the same technology support people since the beginning. We have built relationships with their support team, they know you as a user, and know how to help you based on your experience and previous interactions. There is no comparison between QuickBooks and UBCC. QuickBooks customer service is handled through India, and is not anywhere close to the support we have been given from UBCC.

Generating reports, even the most unique reports you can imagine, is possible in UBCC. When they were working on enhancing the reporting functionality of payroll, they called and asked for input and recommendations, spending over an hour with me. When the enhancements were released, they (UBCC) included all of my recommendations."

Brian Lint, Owner
Lint & Singleton, CPA



"We use UBCC software for all aspects of our business - from payroll to general ledger. I could not imagine trying to manage everything without it! Customer support is truly exceptional. They are always there to answer questions and help with specific customizations."

Jeanne Gafford, CFO
Martindale's Custom Truck
Boise, ID



"The payroll module is great - it handles both simple and complex client needs. UBCC software is not a 'cookie-cutter' program -- it's really innovative and has its finger on the pulse of the payroll industry. Their payroll module is way beyond competitive - other payroll providers simply can't compare. UBCC is cost-effective, and designed to fully support the needs of a successful business. The software will grow with you as your company grows."

Shelley Dilworth, President
PaySource, Inc.
Cochranville, PA



"We've been using UBCC software for 20 years now, and it can't be beat in terms of efficiency, ease-of-use, report formatting and its real-time aspect. The write-up software is specifically designed for the high volume data entry necessary for accountants' after-the-fact write-up processing. Bookkeepers enter data in either a 'heads-up' or 'heads-down' mode. The payroll software provides complete multi-state payroll processing yet is still affordable to the smaller practice.

It is a true disservice to your firm if you don't consider UBCC to help manage your business and increase your productivity."

Niles D. Polzine, E.A. Owner
Polzine & Co. Business Services
San Antonio, Texas



"We were looking for an accounting program with good financial statements, customizable report formatting capabilities, power and flexibility -- UBCC definitely has these. I believe UBCC is one of the most comprehensive software packages available for write-up and accounting work. UBCC software saves us time, the PDF capabilities are fantastic, and the module integration is excellent. If you are a company looking to grow, you should certainly consider UBCC accounting software."

Steven W. Schnur, CPA
San Jose, California



"UBCC payroll software is absolutely the most powerful, comprehensive program available. The reporting features provide excellent options for our clients, and the EFT/Direct Deposit saves us hours of manual data entry. It is worth every penny!"

Terri Krey, Accounting Manager
RSM McGladrey FPO
West St. Paul, MN



"UBCC software saves me time and money, making repetitive tasks like payroll run quickly and easily. It has a wonderful reputation in the industry, an excellent support team, and is very dependable. UBCC also constantly enhances the features and performance of their software. I would definitely encourage other firms to investigate UBCC software before deciding on any new technology."

Jimmy Louis, President
Jimmy Lewis Certified Public Accountants, Inc.
Auburn, CA



"Through my affiliation with Global Horizons, Inc., I have the opportunity to work with UBCC software. The [UBCC] program is powerful, flexible and the report generators are truly unique. Its ability to merge client information together saves me hours of time creating reports."

Kenneth A. Stefanelli, CPA
Gerber & Co.
Beverly Hills, California



"I would highly recommend UBCC for the invaluable flexibility the software offers in terms of platform dependencies, powerful functionality and easily adapting to unique client situations. UBCC can effortlessly process data for ten clients or even 1000 clients - with no performance or speed issues. The processing efficiencies, heads down inputting, importing capabilities and cost efficiencies are the real benefits for increased firm profitability."

George R. Gray, CPA, President
Compucount, Inc.
Randolph, VT