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Unified Payroll


UBCC's payroll software, and accounting software provides accounting solutions suited to the daily operations of all big and small business organizations. Our easy to use payroll module has been highly appreciated in the market. Our payroll for accountants, is considered by our clients to be one of the most user friendly software solutions.


Allows For Standardization and Customization

  • Multi-Year for Tax Reports
  • Multi-State – you pay an employee out of multiple states in the same run
  • Unlimited Labor Distributions
  • Up to 99 Other Pays and 99 Deductions per employee
  • Easy Override of Taxes and Deductions
  • Automatic Third Party Checks
  • New Hire Reporting
  • Plain Toner MICR check printing
  • Multiple clients can be in a single EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) file
  • Up to 9 EFT distributions per check
  • Time Clock and Spreadsheet Importing
  • Easy Look Up and Printing by Alternate Key Order
  • Federal and State Electronic Tax filing (W2's, 941's, etc)
  • Internet Remote Client Access
  • Net to Gross calculations
  • Automatic Billing Module
  • Departmental Analysis
  • Lived In/Worked In
  • EFTPS Batch Filer Integration
  • Many more


Overall Standards


  • Real-Time
  • Multi-User
  • Multi-Company
  • Operator Profile -- Choose Menu Style, Implied Decimal, Etc.
  • Queuing and batch queuing
  • Spooled print job manager
  • Full laser printer support for ALL applications including 3 hole offset, full duplex, tray selection, portrait or landscape, auto bold, compressed print, and more....
  • Full security system with automatic time log
  • Easy modem access for you and/ or your clients
  • Fast and sharable report generators for all applications